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September 15, 2021 – Lessons and Insights from the Frontlines of Medical Cannabis

In this third IT4cannabis Insights and Opportunities webinar, cannabis entrepreneurs and other industry participants will hear from medical experts who will share lessons and insights from their groundbreaking work in medical cannabis.

Back by popular demand are our June webinar experts: Dr. Jennifer Anderson, Rebecca Abraham, RN, and Dr. Bridget Williams!

Join this session for an incredible number of takeaways, including:

  • The therapeutic effects of cannabis for conditions such as intractable epilepsy
  • The key role medical cannabis can play in men’s and women’s health
  • How to buy cannabis products that are safe and effective for you
  • The critical reasons you should work with a cannabis clinician instead of a budtender

Meet the Experts


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Past Presentations

IT4Cannabis created this webinar series to allow the cannabis community to have recognized leaders sharing the views and expertise on the subject that we may all face.  We are pleased to provide recordings of the past webinars for your review.

Dr. Jennifer Anderson, MD, CCFP

is a family physician who specializes in helping pediatric patients who have failed everything explore cannabinoid therapy. She started this practice 4 years ago after her son with cerebral palsy and intractable epilepsy turned dramatically on CBD after failing all options. In 2016, she found it impossible to navigate and secure her son’s right to access CBD within the current medical framework and stigma surrounding cannabis. After risking everything, including her license to help her son, she works to advocate and educate and share her story to help decrease the stigma around cannabinoid use in the pediatric space. In addition, she works as a preceptor for medical trainees and continues to work in hospitals and ER.

Dr. Bridget Williams, MD

is a family physician and owner of Green Harvest Health, a medical cannabis clinic with multiple offices throughout Ohio. Green Harvest Health is the only medical cannabis clinic in Ohio offering life and wellness coaching. Bridget brings nearly 20 years of experience in family and occupational medicine from Cleveland Clinic and training in life and cannabis coaching to her practice. The focus of Green Harvest Health is education and provides talks and clinics on medical cannabis, CBD, and wellness.

Rebecca Abraham, RN, BSN

Has worked in healthcare for 15 years with extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Heart Failure, Surgical Services, and Case Management. She also has a certificate in Cannabis Nursing through the American Association of Cannabis Nurses. Rebecca was awarded a continuing education scholarship from National Nurses United to Rutgers University’s Women’s Global Health Leadership Certificate program. She has testified and lobbied for healthcare, patient safety, nursing, and cannabis policies on the municipal, state, and federal levels. Rebecca is the founder and President of Acute on Chronic, where they believe in educated guidance to cannabis, alternative therapies, supplemental treatments, and support navigating a complex health system. The team clarifies cannabis and healthcare because they believe that access to treatment, evidence-based practice, healthcare equity, and defense of patients’ rights are vital to their health and well-being.

Karl KispertKarl Kispert, President & CEO IT4cannabis and Infoaxis, Inc. (Host and Panel Moderator)

Karl focuses on cybersecurity, managed services, and cloud transformation for clients in the cannabis, manufacturing, retail, law, medical and financial service industries. He has 32 years of experience in the cybersecurity and business risk space and has worked within the U.S. government and private sector, serving domestic and international agencies and clients.