Why IT4cannabis

Our infrastructure and support manage production, inventory, and compliance in grow facilities all the way through to retail POS in dispensaries.

Peace Of Mind For The Cannabis Sector

Configuring your cannabusiness technology can be overwhelming. IT4cannabis is here to help. We are the leading technology provider servicing both medical and recreational players in the legal marijuana industry. From designing and implementing your infrastructure, to keeping you secure and compliant, we will take the stress out of IT and help make your grow center or dispensary more productive and efficient.

The stigma of cannabis is outdated. We see you as business types and medical types — not stereotypes. Your industry is big business and needs to be treated as such. Regulations are strict, competition is steep, and with control stemming from the state level rather than federal, in many ways, everyone is starting from scratch. IT4cannabis is a vendor who understands the intricacies of your technological needs and respects the services you provide.

A Business Ready To Pop

Think of your journey like the growth of your plants: There is a process. There are stages. You cannot get from germination to flowering without the time and effort spent on the steps in between. You start by planting the seeds of your dispensary. You apply for a license, secure funding, and attain state and local approvals, with the ultimate goal of opening your doors for business. As this idea sprouts into reality, you begin to put things into action.

With The Right Choices You Will Flourish

IT4cannabis is like the seedling stage to your business growth. Just as the plant is most susceptible to disease at this stage, so is your business. How you integrate technology into your plans will carry great weight. Implementing the proper infrastructure now will put you on the path to success, while ignoring this step will leave you with vulnerabilities. From the cloud applications that run your CRM, point of sale, and inventory management to controlling access to files and systems while securing them from loss and cyberattacks, these decisions will follow you throughout the life cycle of your business. With the right choices, you will flourish.