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Report: 64% of Small Business Owners Not Familiar with Cyber Insurance

As cyberattacks continue to rise drastically and bring new levels of risk to organizations worldwide, more and more business leaders are looking to cyber insurance to help limit the impact a successful attack could have [...]

January 14, 2022|Security|

A Year in Review: 5 Technology Trends (or Events) You May Have Missed

In 2021, the landscape was far from static regarding technology evolution. These new technologies offer significant opportunities for small and medium businesses (SMBs) to grow and optimize their operations. They may also present new challenges [...]

December 23, 2021|Security|

Why SMBs Should Closely Align Cybersecurity Strategy to Protect Critical Business Objectives

Over the past year, it's been hard to miss the rising wave of cyberattacks hitting businesses and individuals alike. Nearly every day, a new significant attack affects a business's ability to operate or compromises its [...]

December 10, 2021|Security|

Business Continuity Management For Natural and Not-So-Natural Disasters

Recently, the Northeast was battered by rain from two separate storm systems: Henri and Ida.  Both systems brought tropical level downpours and flooding to the area, with Ida hitting particularly hard.  The impact of these [...]

October 14, 2021|Security|

Report: Gartner Survey Reveals a 44% Rise in Workers’ Use of Collaboration Tools Since 2019

Over the past year and a half, many employees worldwide made the overnight shift to remote work. But what has that shift meant for an SMB’s technology tool chest and what they need to support [...]

October 8, 2021|Security|

Lessons & Insights from the Front Lines of Medical Cannabis

IT4Cannabis held its third webinar of its “Insights and Opportunities" series titled, “Lessons and Insights from the Frontlines of Medical Cannabis,” on September 15. This was a part two of the June medical webinar and [...]

September 29, 2021|Insight and Opportunities Webinar|
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