The Cannabis Industry and the Questions of IT

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The Cannabis Industry Needs IT Security

To grow the best plant, you need the right soil, the right light, the right hydration.
To have the best store, you need a good product, the right location, the right marketing.
To have your business running at its best, the same attention to detail needs to be applied to your technology.

IT Can’t Wait (the Why)

Just like your plants and your store, your business has needs in order to be successful. These business needs aren’t always as obvious or easy to identify. Often forgotten in the equation is the role that technology will play. To be the best you need the right infrastructure. Your infrastructure lays the groundwork to have the whole ‘seed to sale’ process run smoothly, securely, and efficiently. At the most basic, you need to consider communication and security, but technology will continue to play a crucial role in your business as you grow. Having a solid foundation of the right tools will allow your business to simplify the path to future opportunities you may employ such as automation, data analytics and even robotics. IT4cannabis can be your trusted resource and support advisor.

What is an IT infrastructure?

Many elements make up your IT infrastructure. This is the collection of hardware, software, and other sources that, in conjunction, operate, monitor, manage, and support your business from a technology standpoint. Some are obvious like desktops, laptops, and cell phones to name a few. Things get complicated very quickly when you add your servers, operating systems, email, firewalls, switches, CRM systems, POS systems, ERM systems. It’s enough to make your head spin. From cultivation and extraction, to your kitchen and packaging, all of the technology will need to be organized and “speak” to one another in order to make your business run efficiently. If you do not have someone to care for the system, it can easily become a drain rather than a boost to your productivity.

Finding Yourself in the Weeds (the How)

Applying for, preparing, and opening your dispensary or growing facility can be overwhelming. While your focus is on optimizing productivity from seed to sale, you are putting all of your efforts into your product. Rightfully so. We know you didn’t get into this business to do IT. However, for the majority, it has become one of the many hats that must be worn, even though it is not an area of expertise or confidence.

Real problems can occur when technology is trivialized. Security and compliance need to be top of mind. Patching, monitoring, and updating can seem like menial tasks that “can wait,” but to procrastinate can be detrimental to your business. It is vital to know where your vulnerabilities lie. With the rate at which technology is changing, be it the cloud or cybersecurity, it is difficult for the person tagged with these responsibilities to properly protect the company.

IT4cannabis can help simplify this for you. We have two decades of experience providing security first IT support, cloud services, and product sourcing. We perform these tasks while offering advice and support through the more intricate aspects of the technology that will ultimately run your company.

Make it a Joint Effort (the Who)

IT4cannabis can provide a trained team of experts to ensure that your needs are covered. Our goal is to avoid issues and have ‘secure’ be your status quo. While you are thinking about growing a quality product and running your business, we can be in the background helping you gain peace of mind and escape the things that are holding you back from doing just that.  From our perspective, E.S.C.A.P.E. is knowing that your infrastructure will help your dispensary not only be ok, but to flourish as it runs smoothly, can scale, and can succeed. This happens through our security first services that increase your

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Compliance
  • Access
  • Productivity
  • Education

You worry about hybrid strains while we worry about hybrid storage systems. You worry about getting the right people access to your dispensary, while we worry about access controls and remote access.

Build for today with tomorrow in mind

IT4cannabis is here to help you get your IT infrastructure in place. We will help you choose, design, implement and configure your systems for the best results. Get your company moving on the right path with the proper technology for data protection, email security, access, and overall network maintenance.

When? Contact us today to learn more.

You’ve worked too hard to get here, now make sure that you are a success!

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