Discover your system’s vulnerabilities – before cyber criminals do!

Get started on the path to better security with a no-cost Discovery assessment

Technical controls are designed to keep your IT systems safe and functioning properly.  But did you know 9 out of 10 cybersecurity breaches are caused by misconfigured controls – such as a poorly installed virus detection or sloppy access control to critical servers?

If your organization lacks robust controls, it is more vulnerable to:

  • Unauthorized access by hackers
  • Disruption of daily business operations
  • Loss of critical IP, customer, and operational data
  • Damage to your company’s reputation and brand assets
  • Costly legal fees and repercussions for customer data exposure
  • Fines for violating government regulations, such as the NY Shield Act

Better security starts with a Discovery assessment

You may be frustrated trying to figure out where all the potential vulnerabilities are in your organization. As soon as you think you have one figured out and fixed, another one pops up.

We’ve taken the frustration and guesswork out!  Take our no-cost Discovery assessment and easily get a comprehensive view of your current vulnerabilities – not just in your organization’s network but across your entire business.

We have long operated with a security first mindset. Discovery is the first step in our Cybersecurity Roadmap to your organization becoming more secure.

Discovery covers all the domains listed within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, including basic cybersecurity controls (such as identity management and access control), risk management, asset management, threat detection and business continuity planning.

With your Discovery, you’ll get actionable recommendations which will enable you to:

  • Better monetize your existing technology through improved efficiencies
  • Employ advanced lock-down procedures for your sensitive information
  • Institute more proficient backups for enhanced data protection
  • Increase awareness among your staff to better protect against breaches