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Published On: January 27, 2021By

Envision a hacker has entered your network and has gotten a hold of your data, company secrets, and clients’ personal information—but you have no clue this has taken place.  Has the fear set in yet?

Going back ten years, the likelihood of a data breach was slim, but today, breaches are a regular occurrence for all companies, of all sizes.  The extent of penalties can range from hefty legal fines, disruption of daily operations, revenue loss, to reputational harm, and even permanently going out of business.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still not educating their staff on the importance of cybersecurity, and the costs of not having it.

Scary stuff, but you can take appropriate action.

Acquiring a well thought out, comprehensive cybersecurity plan is the right path to take towards safety while operating your business in the virtual world.  This plan must include a protection-based approach, along with an incident-response based, all-inclusive security model.  This model integrates both detection and threat mitigation, as well as incident-response best practices.

The nature of cybersecurity breaches is constantly evolving, so your efforts to stay protected should also be constantly evolving as well.  At present, every organization should be proactive about safeguarding and defending their technology and sensitive data against disaster – if they expect to stay in business.

A no-cost Discovery Assessment, powered by ConnectWise, is one of the soundest places to start.  The assessment enables Infoaxis technicians to identify even the most acute break in your technology infrastructure.  You will also get a candid look into how cybersecurity works, and why it has become increasingly important in our day-to-day lives, both at home and in the office.

So, what’s next?

Within one business day of completing your assessment, a member of our cybersecurity team will have analyzed your results and begun creating a comprehensive cybersecurity plan that matches your specific business needs.  We will then contact you via email with the results, and request to set up a call to go over results with you.  On the call, our technician will walk you through the vulnerabilities we’ve identified, and what mitigation strategies and incident response methodologies your company should consider implementing, and why.

Why wait?

At Infoaxis, we’re proactive, nimble and alert so our clients don’t have to be.  We want you to leave the technology part to us, so you can focus on running your business.   We stand ready to help your organization confidently move forward into 2021 and beyond.

Get started on your Discovery Assessment today!

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